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Beer ABV IBU 1/2 Barrel 1/4 Barrel 1/6 Barrel

Domestic Kegs

Bud Light4.2%AvailableAvailable
Bud Light Lime4.2%Available
Budweiser Select4.3%Available
Coors Banquet5.0%Available
Coors Light4.2%AvailableAvailable
Keystone Light4.1%Available
Killians Red5.4%AvailableAvailable
Michelob Amber Bock5.1%AvailableAvailable
Michelob Light4.1%Available
Michelob Ultra4.2%Available
Miller High Life4.6%Available
Miller Light4.2%AvailableAvailable
Natural Light4.2%Available
Pabst Blue Ribbon4.7%Available
Redds Apple Ale5.0%Available
Shock Top Belgian White5.2%AvailableAvailable
Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat5.2%AvailableAvailable
Shock Top Raz5.2%Available
Yuengling Lager4.6%AvailableAvailable
Yuengling Light3.5%AvailableAvailable

Local Craft Beer Kegs

Calfkiller (various, limited)AvailableAvailable
Blackstone American Pale Ale5.3%33AvailableAvailableAvailable
Tennessee Brew Works Basil Ryeman6.2%28Available
Jackalope Bearwalker Maple Brown5.1%32AvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom Bertha4.8%50AvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom Black Betty4.4%56AvailableAvailable
Blackstone Black Forest Black Kolsch4.9%14AvailableAvailableAvailable
TailGate Blacktop Blonde5.0%19Available
Black Abbey Chapter House5.5%15AvailableAvailable
Blackstone Chase Pale Kolsch5.2%18AvailableAvailableAvailable
Tennessee Brew Works Country Roots5.5%30Available
Tennessee Brew Works Cutaway IPA6.0%70Available
Tennessee Brew Works Extra Easy5.2%37Available
Fat Bottom Ginger4.6%18AvailableAvailable
Blackstone Hop Jack IPA6.3%60AvailableAvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom Ida6.2%35AvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom Java Jane4.2%26AvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom Knockout IPA5.9%80AvailableAvailable
Jackalope Leghorn IPA6.0%65AvailableAvailable
Blackstone Nut Brown5.6%23AvailableAvailable
Blackstone Oatmeal Stout(Seasonal)AvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom Rhonda RyeAvailableAvailable
Jackalope Rompo Red5.6%22AvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom Ruby5.3%35AvailableAvailable
Fat Bottom SaisonAvailableAvailable
Black Abbey SeasonalAvailableAvailable
Jackalope SeasonalAvailableAvailable
TailGate Session IPA4.7%44Available
Tennessee Brew Works Southern Wit5.1%14Available
Blackstone St. Charles Porter5.8%34AvailableAvailable
Black Abbey The Champion5.3%31AvailableAvailable
Black Abbey The Rose5.4%14AvailableAvailable
Black Abbey The Special5.9%13AvailableAvailable
Jackalope Thunder Ann5.5%37AvailableAvailable
Tennessee Brew Works Walk The Lime5.4%16Available

Regional Craft Beer Kegs

Green Man AvailableAvailable
Good People Brown Ale5.4%31AvailableAvailable
Highland Gaelic AleAvailableAvailable
Highland Kashmir IPAAvailableAvailable
Highland Mocha StoutAvailableAvailable
Good People Pale Ale5.8%36AvailableAvailable
Green Man PorterAvailableAvailable
Green Man SeasonalAvailable
Highland St.Terese's Pale AleAvailableAvailable

If keg is available, please contact us for the pricing.
There is a $50 deposit for all kegs that will be returned when empty keg is returned
If what you want is not listed, please contact the store, and we may still can get it for you.